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The simplest & most complete way to achieve financial goals

Multiple FundsInvest in many types of funds - debt, equity, small cap, & large-cap, etc.

KnowledgeWe study millions of data points to help choose the best portfolio for you.

FreeWe do not charge you even a single penny for our advise and execution.

Portfolio ApproachWe recommend a basket of mutual funds instead of just invest in one fund.

Secure & AutomatedBank to Mutual Funds, using best encription methods.

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What is the platform all about?

We provide a goal-based online investing platform. Unlike other investment platforms, you do not need to be an investment expert to use the platform. You just need to tell us your goals (retirement, vacation, children's education, or any other goal) and we will create, execute and manage an investment plan for you to achieve them according to your unique risk profile.

What can I do through the platform?

"We have built in a lot of flexibility to help you achieve your financial goals
1.) Save Tax: You can invest through us in the best Tax Saver Mutual Funds (ELSS) to save taxes under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. You just need to tell us your income and we will calculate the tax that can be saved, recommend the Mutual Funds you should invest in and execute the transactions for you
2.) Plan Goals: We let you invest based on any goal that you might have. You just need to tell us your target amount and target year and we will curate and execute an investment plan to achieve the goal according to your unique risk profile.
3.) Relax: The investment process does not end at the time your investments are made, it only begins here and we understand that. We monitor and track your investments for you - we notify you and change funds if required and rebalance your portfolio periodically to keep it healthy and performing. If you go off track, we also give suggestions to get back on track to reach your goal."

Do I have to pay commissions over and above my investment amounts on my mutual fund investments

No!! We do not charge any commissions from our users!

Is my money safe with you?

Yes. Our website offers bank-level security for the information you provide. You should also know that at no point is the money transferred to any of our bank accounts. The investment is directly held in the name of the investor and the money moves directly from the investor account to the Mutual Fund's account. Hence, even in the unlikely event that we go out of business tomorrow, your money is safe and can be redeemed directly from the fund houses.

Which is the best tax saving product?

All investments depend on a persons risk-taking ability and capacity. That said, our team invests their money in Tax Saver Mutual Funds (also know as Equity Linked Savings Schemes or ELSS) and hence recommend the same. They have a lock-in of three years and even the returns of these mutual funds are exempt from tax. In comparison, Fixed Deposits have a lock in period of 5 years and investments in PPF of 15 years. Good ELSS have, in the past, returned in the range of 13-18% per annum over three year periods.

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