The idea of taking a loan may not be so pleasing to hear, but during a financial crisis or to attain certain present financial objectives like fund education/buy a house etc; it is a reasonable solution to meet requirements. Borrowing from friends and family can be a solution, but does it feel right to disturb their finances?

Why personal loan?

Personal loan is a consumer loan granted for any personal use to meet current financial needs. There is no restriction on the end use of the funds. Thus, it is a preferred loan, as it can be used for any purpose, be it your dream of travelling, an ardent desire to have a big fat wedding, surprise gift for your son or any medical emergency.

Why compare?

You should know that every bank offers different features on loans, hence it is advisable to check with every bank what they are offering before taking a final step of applying. You should always compare personal loans to get the best interest rate along with the best offers and benefits.

Better interest rates

Personal loans are is an unsecured loan i.e. no security/collateral against it;which in turn results in little higher interest rate. Thus, it is important to do an interest rate comparison across various banks to be able to zero on the best interest rate, thereby reducing your EMI.

Understand terms & conditions

A detailed research and comparative analysis gives you better comprehension of loan terms and conditions.

Online comparative research can be done by either accessing various bank sites or you can visit our webpage to get all the comparison of interest rates, pre-payment charges and processing fees, at one place. We will be glad to guide you through your personal loan journey and resolve your queries, so that you can utilize more of your time to focus on your needs.