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What is the website all about?

The website makes it simple to find the best financial products across categories - insurance, loans, mutual funds, amongst others. We’ll help you save time by giving you a quick access to products & tools.

Is my money safe with you?

Yes. The website and our partners offers great security-levels for the information you provide. You should also know that at no point is the money transferred to any of our bank accounts. The investment and product purchases are directly held & made in the name of the customer and the money moves directly from your account to the institution that mandated by respective regulators - RBI, SEBI, IRDAI.

Do you charge me for providing access to various products?

No, our services are free for our users!

Somebody asked for Card details including CVV and ATM Pin, should I give it?

No, please do not. We not require any credit card/debit card details from any user and do not solicit these details over phone or in person. Investors are requested to refrain from providing these details to anyone!

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